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According to experts, it is impossible to name the cause of dyskinesia with certainty. Determining the factors contributing to order dilantin of the disease is very difficult, but very important. Without removing the cause, all other symptomatic treatment will be useless, except for maintaining the patient's relatively normal condition. Known causes are divided into primary and secondary. Primary causes of dyskinesia.

Primary dyskinesia occurs independently, without additional influence from other diseases and does not depend on the specifics of the structure and functioning of the organ, except for congenital anomalies in its structure. It is provoked by disorders of the nervous system. The main primary causes are called. Secondary causes of dyskinesia.

Secondary dyskinesia occurs as a consequence of another disease, and not on its own. considered secondary reasons. It is not necessary to have a medical background to buy phenytoin online that persistent chest pain, belching, difficulty swallowing is an automatic referral to a gastroenterologist. During the consultation with the doctor, it is necessary to describe in detail the nature of each symptom. However, a more complete examination is necessary to make a diagnosis. Only this guarantees effective treatment. Esophageal dyskinesia will require a hardware examination to determine the extent of the disease. Basic methods for diagnosing dyskinesia.

The treatment of esophageal dyskinesia can be started only after the diagnosis. The first thing to do is to consult with a gastroenterologist and a psychologist. Treatment methods depend on the type of disease. When it comes to primary dyskinesia, it is important to eliminate the cause of nervous tension. Secondary esophageal dyskinesia requires treatment of the underlying disease that caused it. Elimination of esophageal dyskinesia will consist in complex therapy with drugs, folk remedies, diet, physiotherapy. There are several main methods of treatment.

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An obligatory component of the treatment of esophageal dyskinesia is the observance of the diet. The main method of prevention is regular medical examination. Any disease that, over time, can lead to esophageal dyskinesia,it is necessary to treat without delay, avoiding complications (however, like everyone else). It is important to monitor nutrition, give up bad habits and avoid any stressful situations, and react calmly to everything. Dyskinesia of the esophagus. causes, clinical signs, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Esophageal dyskinesias - a number of common functional diseases characterized by impaired peristalsis and tone of the esophageal tube - are detected during endoscopic examination of the digestive tract (its upper section) in approximately 3% of patients. The development of these ailments, which tend to buy cheap generic dilantin themselves as a person grows older, is mainly (at least in 70% of cases) women aged 30-70 are affected. Most often, dyskinesia of the esophagus is detected in elderly patients.

Blurring of clinical symptoms is the reason for rare requests of phenytoin for medical help. For the same reason, esophageal dyskinesia is often mistaken for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which is just one of the manifestations of this pathology. The essence of esophageal dyskinesia consists in all kinds of violations of its motility, which make it difficult for the food coma to move along the path from the pharynx to the stomach against the background of the complete absence of organic lesions of the esophageal tube.